About a month and a half ago, this storage unit was a life saver.

storage unit

I had no idea when I rented it and started filling it gradually, daily with a stop by on the way to work in the morning, that things were going to get so tough with this move.

Lately, though, it has come to represent $40/month that I did not really need to spend anymore. The trick was to just finishing emptying it out. I almost finished emptying it out the day that Hurricane Joaquin’s rainfall started in earnest (thankfully, we had no emergencies). Today, I finally finished the vacating process.

There is still a lot that has to find a place within my apartment, but the stack does not cost me $40/month, has unlimited hours of access, and is patient.

As I sat at a red light with a bike on the rack, dog gates in the back seat, and basketballs in the front seat, I noticed the car in front of me.

Chuck Norris

Love it!


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