Could This Theology Work?

I do not normally listen to podcasts.

I prefer reading because I can skim over parts and linger over others. I am glad I made an exception.

Two excerpts made an impression on me. (They are quoted out of order.)

This first excerpt made an impression on me because I think we can judge everything we do and think in the name of religious belief by this same standard:


“I had a wonderful theology professor that said,

‘If you have a theology that does not appeal to
a brown woman in a third-world country,
what good is your theology?’

And so I often say to myself, when I preach a sermon,
‘Could this sermon and this theology work
if I was preaching it to the young women of Boko Haram who were
as young black school girls?

Could this theology work?’

I would ask the Church to ask if its theology could work
in the most depraved and hard of circumstances.
That’s how you know you have a theology of which
the least of these
can be seen,
can be heard,
can be met,

and that God meets them.”


And the second excerpt was just as poignant, and punctuated by a great visual:


“We have a God who suffered everything we would suffer so that God would know how to help us.
And that’s crucial and imperative–
that we have a God that knows us
by our tears and our pain.

So, to worship a God like that,
to be in community,
and believe in a God like that,
I would hope that we would understand
how important it is
to hear the cries of one another
and to come to each other’s aid —
and [not just] with casseroles.

Sometimes, you’ve got to
take that casserole
to a march.

Go ahead,
and take whatever you’ve got,
and head to a protest;
and start to educate yourself on those who are not like you.

And so, I think that would be my major move and requirement of the Church
and of us
as disciples
in . . . Christian faith.”

Kugel. Not going to a protest-- yet. Small steps.
Not going to a protest–yet.
Small steps.

Fatimah Salleh, PhD, MDiv
A Thoughtful Faith Podcast
#167: Racism, Mormonism, the US Presidential Election and Women of Color
Excerpts start at approximately 1:29:00 and 1:28:00.
Recorded November 14, 2016
The entire podcast can be found here.


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