Who’s Being Treated Well?

Today, Rebar The Pit Bull Dog has been in my home for exactly one week.

He is as wonderful as I had hoped. Of course, I had made sure of a few things. The sign on his kennel door at the shelter said he did well with cats. We had him “cat tested” to be sure (they walked him into the cat room where he gently sniffed the kittens, who were not sure about being sniffed). He seemed to have a good temperament and, when not distracted by other cool, potential-friend dogs and people, he was attentive to me–until we got to my car to drive home. Then, I was surprised to see him ignore the open door and ignore my happy “let’s go for a ride” encouragements. He sat down facing away from me and away from the open door and pretend neither I nor the car existed. We were invisible and I was inaudible, apparently. I had to pick up all 60 pounds of him up and put him in the car. He remained frozen like a statue in the exact position he landed for the entire ride home. Okay. Does not like car rides. Noted.

I got him a new soft bed, and that went over really well,





even if he sometimes ended up perpendicular to its general design.





He obeys Sophie The Cat’s signals not to get too close, even if it is rather dejectedly. Hopefully, Sophie will warm up to him more over time. He tries really hard to learn all these new commands and routines that I have for him.

He loves walks. I love walks. While we were out walking, we met our psychiatrist/psychologist (cannot remember which he is) neighbor. We talked a little bit about his arrival–how he had been in the Hoke County shelter, then the Cumberland County shelter, and then the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society shelter, that he had wear on his limbs from being kept constantly on a hard floor, how he was adjusting, that I was working on heeling with him. Then, my neighbor said, “You’re treating . . . ” and my mind immediately anticipated the end of his statement as something about giving him a home/saving his life–and at Christmastime, too. Luckily, I was polite enough to let him finish his own statement. He was saying, “You’re treating yourself well.”

I smiled. Indeed, I was. I now had a necessity to be outside several times a day. Today, I was outside walking while it was 67 degrees in December. Global warming is not a good thing, but not missing an opportunity like that to be outside is a good thing. I have met more of my neighbors and the guy who does the yard work at a couple of homes.

I hope 2018 is a good year for you! Don’t forget to treat yourself well, sometimes.


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