The Resistance Gets a New Song

There was a gathering in Snow Camp yesterday. People came together to share concerns, hear from active groups, and discuss strategies for moving forward.

And, we had the treat of hearing the debut of a song written in honor of just such an occasion. It was written and performed by Scott Holmes. Someday, perhaps there will be a recording so you can hear the music, but here are the lyrics:

We Must Resist

When they make us, feel afraid
And women, are underpaid
We must resist, we must resist

Won’t teach children, how to spell
And tell the poor, to go to hell
We must resist, we must resist


We keep resisting, until they learn
Gonna hold them in the Light, until they burn*]

When they poison, the environment
And they persecute, the immigrant
We must resist, we must resist

Won’t feed the hungry, or fund the arts
Take insurance, and sell our parks
We must resist, we must resist

When they attack, L-G-B-T-Q
When it feels like, there’s no one left to sue
We must resist, we must resist

When they kidnap and torture you
And it feels like ICE is chasing you
We must resist, we must resist


We must resist, We must resist
We must resist,

© Scott Holmes

(Lyrics posted here with Scott Holmes’ permission.)

We enjoyed this performance at the end of our afternoon of collaborating. Leading up to this grand finale, we had had discussions with various resource people:

Thanks to Chuck Fager for organizing and Spring Friends for hosting this event – including starting us off with a delicious lunch!

Stay informed. You can make a difference.


*Don’t worry. “Holding them in the Light” is Quaker Speak that roughly translates to “we’ll keep them in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers that they may be blessed.” “Until they burn,” is just a play on those words — taking the endeavor of “holding them in the Light” to its best conclusion (wholeness/reaching a full potential of unity and alignment with God and that Light that is within each of us).  Quakers enjoy a little fun, too, now and then.