April Showers Bring

May flowers

Precariously balanced drift bark

Animal prints in soft trails








Muddy leaf veins markings





Sunlight sparkling off reinvigorated creeks

And gloriously muddy shoes (taken off outside the door).

Only 126 days left to soak up memories in Alamance County. Looking forward to discovering new favorite places in Cumberland County!


We All Sit Together


“One of the really cool things about working in Alamance County is how well everyone really does work together. We really do like each other. We all sit together. We have meetings. We talk about ‘Okay, this is what’s going on right now. Our family shelter situation isn’t great. We need more assistance. We need to figure out a way to better serve our community.’ It’s such a great experience and I just want to give my support to [] the other agencies that are asking for funding as well.”

~Lynn Russo, Executive Director of Family Abuse Services, during the public comment period regarding the use of funds*, City Council Meeting February 16.

And, it was true. They all were sitting together and clearly got along well together. It was quite heart-warming to see the various non-profit/community organizations supporting each other’s requests for a share of limited funding.

Continuing in that vein, Frank Hope was recognized for his service as interim city manager with a standing ovation by the entire room, the new city manager Hardin Watkins being the first to stand. Mr. Hope spoke about his love for Burlington, for the people in the room who were his “home” during tragedy, and his dad who led him to this type of work.

It was an enjoyable and motivating meeting to attend.

“Burlington’s a special place.”

~Frank Hope


*Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and funds from the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program.