The Tale of a Cat, a Woodpecker, and a Puffer Fish


Simba is our cat who lives with my daughter. This is a two-sentence, text-message-delivered story about him, complete with illustrations (also sent by text message).


Earlier tonight, while chatting through Facebook messenger, my daughter and I swapped cute animal videos we had seen. Afterwards, I got this text from her:

“I showed Simba the bird video and then the fish video. He liked the fish video best!!!”

She sent the documentary photos.

This is Simba watching the bird video.

But, that fish video has his full attention.

In case you’re curious, this was the bird video (the link may take a second to load),

and this was the worthy of full-undivided-attention fish video:


Life and friendships are miraculous, in all their varieties of forms. We have so much fun sharing our discoveries with each other and enjoying the friendship that is uniquely Simba’s.