Sophie’s Well-Timed Failure

Until recently, Simba (cat), Sophie (cat), my daughter (human), and I (human) all lived together. Despite our best efforts over a couple of years, Sophie and Simba never became good friends. They tolerated each other. So when my daughter got her own apartment, Simba followed her soon afterwards.

This was a photo-worthy moment when they lived together specifically because it was
the only time we had ever seen Sophie (top) and Simba (bottom) peacefully in proximity of each other.

I am off to the GI Rights Network Conference early tomorrow morning. It will be my first event representing Quaker House.

Knowing that I would be working straight through today with both a court hearing and document review work, the original plan was for me to bring Sophie over to my daughter’s place later tonight. There were visions of a happy sleep-over type reunion. But, court ran long, and we decided that I would just bring Sophie by on my way to document review, mid-morning.

All seemed to go well. Sophie immediately ignored Simba and began exploring the new surroundings.

I got a text from my daughter later: “Sophie has been very unhappy lol.” I called her. “Maybe if you came by and said ‘hi’ to her.” So, I stopped by on the way home from document review. Things had gotten so bad between Sophie and Simba that Sophie had her own room in the bathroom, complete with litter box, food, water, and Cat TV playing on the laptop — which she refused to watch. And, she was angry at anyone who came into the (one and only) bathroom.

This obviously was not going to work for my several-day absence. So, I took her back home where my daughter would check in on her. It was obvious the second she figured out that she had won the battle to go home. Picking her up was a bit tricky because of her expressions of anger. But once she realized she was out the door, she completely relaxed, and she thoroughly enjoyed the ride home.

It was good that court ran long and we had most of a day to figure out that the situation would not work rather than a catastrophe developing later, either when I was on the way to the airport or already several states away.

Now, to packing.

105 days until Sophie and I are unpacking in Quaker House.


The Tale of a Cat, a Woodpecker, and a Puffer Fish


Simba is our cat who lives with my daughter. This is a two-sentence, text-message-delivered story about him, complete with illustrations (also sent by text message).


Earlier tonight, while chatting through Facebook messenger, my daughter and I swapped cute animal videos we had seen. Afterwards, I got this text from her:

“I showed Simba the bird video and then the fish video. He liked the fish video best!!!”

She sent the documentary photos.

This is Simba watching the bird video.

But, that fish video has his full attention.

In case you’re curious, this was the bird video (the link may take a second to load),

and this was the worthy of full-undivided-attention fish video:


Life and friendships are miraculous, in all their varieties of forms. We have so much fun sharing our discoveries with each other and enjoying the friendship that is uniquely Simba’s.