Artful Expressions

Chuck Fager organized an art event at Spring Friends.

There was music by Scott Holmes and Company (Caleb and Liam).

There were all sorts of handmade books by Lynette Russell, including this little (about 5 inches tall) bookcase book, with books.

Beautiful quits and query cards (not pictured) by Mary Miller.

There was poetry reading, too, including selections from Emily Dickinson read by Chuck Fager, Autobiography in Five Short Chapters by Portia Nelson, read by Elizabeth Osborne (wonderful life lessons), The House was Quiet and the World was Calm by Wallace Stevens, read by Kara VanHooser (perfect for readers), and Freedom’s Prayer by Scott Holmes, read by him (defense attorneys might relate).

The event was called the Art of Fearlessness and was in conjunction with similar events in other areas. Sharing creations of the soul takes a bit of fearlessness. Plunging into your dreams takes a bit of fearlessness, too.

What would Fearless You do?

What do you create? What would you like to create?

There are still many things left for me to create.

GI Rights Network/Hotline Conference 2017

Quaker House supports the GI Rights Network through two hotline counselors, Steve Woolford and Lenore Yarger. To better understand my upcoming role in supporting them, I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the annual conference of the network last weekend.


An amazing and devoted group of people make up this network. They take calls from active-duty and reserve service members throughout the world as well as members of the National Guard. They know military regulations or how to find them or who to call.

It was renewing of spirit to witness how much they care about the people who need their help. These hotline counselors are scattered across the country, working a bit in physical isolation while in a virtual community, and on a limited budget. So, seeing them gathered together in person for workshops, coordination, and planning was special in its own right.

Unfortunately, I do not have photos of everyone, even between these two pictures.

99 days until this is part of my responsibilities full time. I cannot think of anything I would rather do.

Survival skills were called upon when lighters ran out.