Third Annual Community Christmas Concert

One of the nativities on display, although the only globe.
One of the nativities on display last night, although the only globe.

Last night, five local church choirs came together to perform Christmas music.

Not as one choir, but as five separate choirs, each performing in turn. Each choir was able to share a bit of their unique spirit, their way of being joyous. Each choir performed beautiful pieces, many that I had not heard before.

The real sense of community came with the opening and closing hymns, which were sung by everyone standing together, the audience and the choirs. Because the individual choirs were sitting in the audience section until they performed, at those two times we were all singing as one body.

Of course, one of my personal highlights was seeing a set of mid-western-looking white Mormon missionary young men get on their feet to move to gospel music, even if it was just momentarily. That and seeing two little kids participate in the aisle with their own uninhibited spontaneity.

The choirs were from
Hunter’s Chapel, AME,
Hawfields Presbyterian Church,
St. Matthews Women’s Singing Circle,
Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, and
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mebane Ward.